Coworking spaces are rising in popularity, springing up all over the globe. And these shared work environments aren’t just trendy open plan offices for freelancers and tech startups.

A growing number of teams, both small and large, are leaving their private offices and jumping on the coworking bandwagon.

Studies show a positive impact on employee wellbeing and job satisfaction and lead to increased productivity upwards of 30%.

It’s no surprise that some of the world’s largest companies, from Microsoft to Vodafone, see the benefits that these innovative spaces have for workers and want a piece of the pie.

So what makes these pies such a tasty option?


Community Culture Done-For-You

As humans we crave connection to one another, which is one of the main advantages of a coworking community. Teams benefit from this connection in the same way individuals do.

Community networking events and shared lunches are a perfect example of the activities available as part of membership. This means your employees get to engage, chat and make relationships without you having to make it happen.

*high fives air*

Being trapped in a tiny office can quickly get old, working with the same few people day in day out. Jumping into a coworking space instantly expands the number of people in your immediate network and makes life just a little more spicy.

Leverage & Business Growth

Leveraging the connections you make in a coworking community creates a unique opportunity to grow your business. Inevitably, the other community members will become customers or will connect you with potential customers.

This is an easy way to increase the size of your network by many multiples.


These networks also help generate fresh thinking for your business. The discussions and casual convos can be a way of injecting ideas and different perspectives into your team.

The water cooler chat with the girl from across the room could spark a new idea for a product, or give you valuable market research, at the cost of nothing more than a smile and bit of banter.

Most spaces run regular networking and social events, often open to the public, facilitating connections with an even wider community of potential customers or collaborators.

Making The Pie Bigger

Businesses need to outsource tasks, but in a co-working space you may find that you can insource those jobs.

Need a freelancer to write you some copy or a blog article? Why there’s one sitting opposite you.

Need a designer to make a new website, or create your marketing material, look no further than the desk across the room.

“…the variety of workers in the space means that coworkers have unique skill sets that they can provide to other community members.” **

When your business needs and your neighbour’s skill sets overlap, it’s a beautiful match made in coworking heaven!


It’s healthy for businesses to connected to other business and these communities are natural incubators for connection. They’re perfect for small teams of less than 10 or small units of larger companies that need to a getaway from the soul sucking corporate vibes of their head office.

These communities also provide welcoming work spaces for remote and travelling employees, such as sales consultants, who can take advantage of the casual or drop-in membership options when they’re in town.

Sharing is Caring Cost Effective

Accumulation of stuff is out. Sharing is in.

In a coworking space you share practically everything. You benefit from the advantages of a larger office, without the overheads. Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, internet and power — and the all important coffee machine — are all things that would cost you to set up and service on your own.

Why not let someone else worry about stocking up the coffee beans and toilet paper?

Many spaces include meeting room use as part of their membership, which saves you the time and money of having the added expense when booking one for client, team or board meetings.

This gives you the freedom and flexibility to only rent the space you need, and pay as you grow, not before.

How’s that for just-in-time management?

An Environment to Thrive In

Coworking spaces invest significant time and money into creating unique, evolving & beautiful environments, which support creative, innovative thinkers. That’s hard to do in a small, private, office space, which can very quickly feel cramped and over crowded.

Research shows that giving employees a variety of choice in their work environment led to increased innovation (8%), increased employee satisfaction (10%) and improved job performance by 6%*.

If you’re part of a coworking community, you have the option to work in a variety of environments: either amongst others in an open plan shared space, in your own private office, in one of the break out areas, lounges or meeting rooms.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Perk?

In addition to the abundance of events, some space offer extra activities to support well being, connection and overall member happiness.

The Workshop Auckland offers weekly yoga classes, reiki sessions, shared lunches, and smoothies breakfasts — all part and parcel of being part of their inclusive and down to earth community.


Seemingly small gestures like these can provide huge benefit to your staff. Having a work-life balance is essential for your employees’ physical and mental health.

Research consistently demonstrates the link with fewer sick days, greater productivity, and long term commitment and loyalty to your business.

These studies have also shown the positive impact of employee well being on better workplace performance, with increased efficiency of up to 35%.

With many coworking spaces out there, each has their own focus and flavour. Go out and have a taste of a few of them, and see which one tickles your fancy.

Check out what The Workshop Auckland has to offer for your team.

Sign up for a tour here or drop on by to 37D Crummer Road, Ponsonby.

We can’t promise pie but if you time it right, you can get in the mix for a shared lunch, soup or smoothie.


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