The Warning I Wish I Had - Red Flags of Abuse

One in three women will experience partner violence at some point in their lives. Red Flags can often only be detected by discernment that comes from specialized knowledge and is not evident to the untrained eye. Relationship abuse can wreak havoc on your life. At best, only your time and finances are lost. At worst, your sense of self-worth, mental health, freedom and life could be taken.

This event will give you the tools to make more informed decisions; ones that could possibly save your life.
Join Karlene Jonkers, educator on relationship violence. Karlene is

  • Trustee of the Sophie Elliot Foundation 
  • Facilitator of the Loves Me Not program in NZ high schools
  • Member of the International Association of Relationship Research
  • Holds a NZ Life Coaching qualification
  • Is a passionate campaigner, having spoken to many organisations; University of Otago, NZ Police and Women’s Refuge to name a few.

We're lucky to have special guest Anita Hinton and founder of I Got Your Backpack, a non-profit initiative and registered charity established in support of Women’s Refuge.
It's sole vision is to support those in crisis as a result of domestic violence, by way of providing backpacks filled with practical and essential items to every woman and child as they enter the support system of Women’s Refuge.
Both women will share their journey from victim to victorious and will reflect on the red flags that were present in their abusive relationships. 

This event would be suitable for:

  • Mothers and teenage daughters
  • Women of any age wanting to empower themselves with knowledge
  • Women who have/are experiencing abuse and wanting clarification, validation on what they went through/are going through.

Please note: a short film which shows violence will be shown for educational and discussion purposes. Younger viewers will find this distressing. This event is suitable for 16 years plus.

Don't be a target or a victim! Empower yourself with knowledge of the red flags of abuse.

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