Brooke Roberts: Investing Strategies that Start Small but Scale

Brooke is the Co-founder, Director and CEO of Sharesies, a mum, an engaging speaker, and a business leader helping Kiwis understand their investment options. 

Sharesies is an online wealth development platform, that is rapidly changing and growing how Kiwis view the share market and buying stocks. It won the ‘rising star category for Wellington’s Deloitte fast 50’, has recently become an NZX trading and clearing participant. It is a certified B Corporation and one of the first companies in New Zealand to be granted permission to offer robo-advice by the FMA.

Brooke will be sharing stories about the founding of Sharesies and will take us behind the curtain to learn how Kiwis their online platform and explain the investment philosophies at the core of Sharesies. She learned global business as a global product marketer for Xero, and finance via product management at Kiwibank and gaining her masters in finance with distinction from Massey University. You will learn the Sharesies way of investing.

With her career success, some people would have been satisfied to call it a day. But, she has always been entrepreneurial, evident at high school having continually dabbled in business, and mentoring local young enterprise teams whilst working. Eventually, Brooke and 6 others decided to found Sharesies and enter the Fintech Accelerator in Wellington. They launched Sharesies, with the goal of giving someone who has $5 to invest the same opportunities as someone with $500,000.

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