Negotiation Masterclass: Advanced Techniques to Succeed in Business

In today's business world, the most effective negotiation is one where trust has been established early and a postitive outcome is achieved for both while maintaining a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

Open communication, strategic vulnerability and a process of discovery and understanding are critical in reaching a successful result - one where both parties feel as though they've won.

In this class, we'll build on the foundations of great negotiation strategy. We'll use a negotiator's mindset, understanding your counterpart, and practising purposeful empathy to further develop more refined tactics.


  • Mastering your mindset - uncovering your own personal blocks & fears
  • Specific scripts and words to use (and to avoid!)
  • How to handle difficult negotiations
  • What to do when you reach a stalemate
  • Real life role plays from your industry
  • 8 advanced tactics to add to your negotiator's toolbox


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors
  • Self Employed Individuals
  • Team builders
  • Gamechangers

Learn world-class negotiation techniques and get experience honing your new strategies with real life scenarios and role play.

Doors open at 6:00pm to get to know your fellow workshoppers over a few nibbles.

Hard start at 6:15pm.

This Masterclass is lead by Kristen Wonch, Founder & Director of The Workshop Auckland.

She previously worked as a Crude Oil Trader, negotiating multimillion dollar deals with globally customers. She generated over $1.2 million in trading profit in her first year of trading. She has since built a successful 6-figure business in Auckland, creating international partnerships and growing her customer base at a rapid pace in a highly competitive market.