Create your Chatbot Workshop

This practical business workshop will cover the basics of conversational design, scripting, chatbot personality, using Manychat to create your own working chatbot.

Conducted by our Conversologists, this is a practical, fun workshop, with plenty of one-to-one time, to give you skills you can use straight away.

During the face-to-face class, you’ll learn and apply the following:

- Develop an objective for your chatbot
- Create a chatbot personality for your audience
- Design, plan and write the conversation flow
- Build and test the chatbot in Manychat
- Chatbot Marketing overview

Follow-up consultation
After the workshop, 1 hour of consultation. You may wish to:

- Further enhance your chatbot
- Finalise your chatbot strategy
- Fine-tune the conversation
- Integrate into cloud tools
- Clarify issues

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