Lustre Conscious Purpose Workshop


A: been sitting with an idea for too long and need to get the clarity and the drive to push it forward out into the world?

B: had an inkling there is more to life than what is happening in yours and may want clarity on your purpose? Need the skills to start being a new light-working entrepreneur?

C: started a business already but want more structure, clarity and creativity with your marketing?

If you answered YES to any of the above - then this workshop is for you.

Be immersed into a porthole of creation. This weekend workshop promises to give clarity, knowledge and target your momentum with your hearts compass. All in the presence of like-minded creatives striving to create a new world.

Deep down you know what you need to do, so lets complete the plan with support.

What to expect…
+ Activate parts of yourself that have felt dormant and dissolve fears that have halted your journey with Identity Coach and Energy Healer Justine Jamieson. You will do this through guided meditations for more clarity, creativity and drive (no experience necessary).

+ Gain marketing knowledge from experienced marketers in the conscious world of business. (See guest speakers below).

+ Walk away with a full marketing strategy on your business or future business. Reviewed and edited after the workshop by Lustre Collective.

+ Original advertising campaign ideas for social media and other media if needed.

+ Yearly business goal list.

+ Your about page written.

+ Discounted packages from Lustre Collective for future support.

Your Lustre Workshop Hosts

Justine Jamieson:
Justine loves hearing an idea that someone is passionate about and adding to their creation. She believes in collaboration over competition and that the hustling of the old business model should be kicked to the curb and everyone should accept the new way where productivity is playful.

Her work experience in the 3D world is all about communication. With her background in business/staff management, magazine editing, design, writing, digital and print marketing/advertising, event project management and photoshoot directing/styling gives her extensive knowledge of every aspect of getting the right message, authentic look and feel of a brand.

She has been a fashion editor and stylist for many magazines, a wellbeing and lifestyle feature writer and marketing manager for Fairfax newspapers and Stuff digital. She’s also been a retail manager and a retail merchandising manager for many national retailers. Her latest role is business owner of Lustre Collective.

Her favourite work is working with creatives and healers to help them communicate their gifts. She enjoys structuring manageable communication systems with staff and clients and is a visionary with endless creative ideas.

She is also an intuitive healer in many spiritual modalities and works in and out of this world to gain higher intelligence to help people gain clarity among the fear muck that keeps them stuck.

Brian Berneman:
Brian has worked in Marketing and Communications for the last 11 years in an array of roles and industries in different countries. These include a production company and radio station in Argentina; at a marketing agency in New York where the bulk of the job was for the Fashion Week; at a radio station in Miami; for Groupon in Berlin as a Digital Marketing specialist; marketing and comms at Dharma Publishing in California; and managing comms at a wellness centre in New Zealand.

He is the co-founder of Conscious Action and You Being You as well as working as a wellness and spiritual coach and facilitator.

Brian is directly in touch with the ways of thinking and relating to life of the new paradigm. From an early age he was introduced to different teachings and traditions that opened up endless possibilities.

After learning multiple healing techniques, Brian immersed himself in studies of Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan Yoga and Meditation practice for a few years at Ratna Ling Retreat Center in California.

This direct experience of living in a different way which encourages community, self-responsibility, respect, and compassion in action has inspired Brian to be a leader for new ways of being through connecting to Self and other.

Brian aims to help people find ways to connect with their inner resources, grow, develop, change and lead a more balanced and meaningful life.

Madina Knight :
Madina Knight is a Communications Professional with extensive experience in the social good sector.

Throughout her career, Madina has been a voice for the vulnerable, writing countless appeals and marketing strategies for charities, social enterprises, and other ‘social good’ organisations. Madina shines a light on the darkest tragedies and puts the spotlight on brands that have a higher purpose. Madina’s passion is backed up with a Bachelor’s degree in communications and a Master’s degree in human rights.

Madina launched her communications agency Kindtype to help ‘social good’ organisations tell their story, reach their audience and build a movement for their cause. To date, Kindtype has helped countless organisations, both in New Zealand and overseas grow their impact.

- Full Workshop Schedule -
February 15 (Evening Only)

6.30 - 7.30pm Welcome from the team, motivation and inspiration on thinking bigger and collaboration

7.30 - 8.30pm Fear block dissolving journey meditation by Justine

February 16 (Day)

8am Meditation - Balancing and Clarity by Justine

9am Sustainable business by Brian from Conscious Action 30-60 min *

10am Break

10.30am Creating a great brand Identity and marketing structure. Which media to use for what - by Brian and Justine

12-1 Lunch break

1pm Social Good Scene Talk - guest speaker Madina Knight

2pm Break

2.30pm Research, brainstorm and discussion

5pm Finish

February 17 (Day)

8.30am Creativity Meditation by Justine

9am Summary and writing must haves

9.30am Personal writing with support (breaks flexible when needed as to not disturb your flow)

Full Marketing strategy

About page

Yearly Goals

2.30pm Finish

*No sharing on this day other than to workshop hosts. Your work will be reviewed and edited after the event if you wish for free.

*you will need to bring a laptop and your lunch.

Workshop investment - TOTAL $800
Deposit of 30% is required after booking.

Book now as we have a maximum number of 10 for this workshop.

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