Girl Boss Chat Series AKL : be inspired + make new connections

Business Buildhers presents the “Girl Boss Chat Series”

Come hang out with 4 rad girl bosses for an evening of inspiration and motivation, and get a chance to mix and mingle with like-minded women over drinks and light nibbles (Yes, there is wine and delicious morsels provided by Jenna of the Simple Food Co included in your ticket price.)

Hosted by Kylie Richardson, a Life Coach for Entrepreneurial Women and founder of Business Buildhers, the event has been created to showcase some of the many talented women in business, living here in New Zealand. These women each have a different story, have been on their own unique journey, and are creating a business that aligns with them and will inspire you to do the same.

And the cool thing is, they aren’t that different to you or I. They are regular gals who are doing their thing and that’s why we love them.

We know that you will too.

So who is this event for?

Girl Bosses and aspiring Girl Bosses alike.

If you’re a woman who is already running your own business, whether it’s a side hustle or your full time gig, or dream of one day doing so, then this event is for you.

If you are a woman who:

Loves to be inspired by other women who are chasing their dreams.
Loves to be surrounded by like-minded women.
Loves to support and lift other women up because you know there is room for us all to succeed.

Then this is the event for you.

It’s all about community and good vibes around ‘ere!

Who are the Girl Bosses who are speaking at this event?

You gals are in for an inspiring night. The women that will be speaking at this event will be announced VERY soon.

One thing I can confirm is that they are all l unique but do have a few things in common:

They are inspiring.
They are brave.
They are chasing their dreams.
They are just like you.

Our goal for the evening is to get you fired up about your own dreams. We wanna hit you right in the feels. And we reckon that you are going to connect with at least one of their stories and it’ll remind you why YOU too deserve to be living your best life and crushing your goals.

Wanna know how the evening runs so you can psych yourself up a bit more? We get it. 

6:30pm : Grab a complimentary glass of wine, nibble on some light snacks, and mingle with awesome, like-minded boss babes.
7:00pm : Our 4 beautiful Girl Bosses will share their stories with you, each for approx 15 mins.
8:00pm : Q+A session where you get to pick the brains of our guests.
8:15pm : Finish the food and drinks, and chat with your new friends.
8:30pm : Wrap Up and head home (or out for dinner, should you so fancy!) feeling inspired and motivated to keep crushing your goals.

Get off that fence, girlfriend, and buy your ticket NOW.

Let today be the day you start committing. To yourself, your goals, and to coming along and supporting these girl bosses at this event.

Spaces are limited so get in quick. We can't wait to meet you!

Good Vibes and High Fives,

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