Support for Startup New Zealand

New Zealand is a nation of innovators, stemming back to colonial times where we were forced to improvise and come up with solutions to problems in an environment that was – at the time – geographically isolated from suppliers and markets. As a result, innovating is in our blood and we have a vibrant startup community of entrepreneurs and innovators building solutions and developing technology that solves problems in a fast-changing world.

To help the New Zealand startup community we have a set aside a number of desks for startups at a super low rate. This low rate reflects the need for startups to run lean and conserve cash flow. Effectively allowing you to extend your runway.

Startups coming in on this offer will have 24×7 access, a permanent desk space and seating. All amenities are included (“fair use” applies). The only additional costs are printing costs, additional space bookings or carpark bookings on a “user pays” basis.

To qualify for this special pricing, your business should meet the below criteria:

  1. Should be a small early-stage team
  2. Should be developing innovative software or technology solutions
  3. Not yet profitable (i.e still on a cash burn)
  4. Not related to or part of a larger New Zealand or overseas organisation
  5. Company is owned by New Zealand residents

The special rate is applicable for up to 6 months per startup and a maximum of 4 desks per startup is allowed at the special startup rate. The rules aren’t “hard and fast” but aimed at helping New Zealand businesses that are developing unique technology and solutions as well as ensuring access to other startups.

If you fall outside of this, contact us directly to discuss your specific circumstances.

Supply of desks at this rate is strictly limited so please contact us to confirm availability.

Startup Pricing
Permanent Desk - 24x7 access. Per desk...
per month + GST
Special low rate for startups. Price is per desk and available for up to 6 months. Dedicated workspace for permanent use. 24×7 access to workspace and facilities. Limited availability at startup rate. Fair use policy applies.

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