Hybrid Working

Hybrid Work is a flexible work model that supports a blend of in-office time and remote ``work from home`` time.

There has been a large increase in the need for hybrid work environments since the COVID-19 pandemic with a lot of businesses requiring employees work from home (WFH). The big issue with WFH environments is that companies struggle to build culture and connection between team members.

Hybrid Work setups allow businesses and their employees to reap the benefits of both WFH and office environments. Teams utilising a Hybrid Work model are often more engaged and higher performing and businesses have reduced overheads from reduced costs in having to maintain an office.

We are able to setup to cater for your Hybrid Work requirements. We have flexible bookable offices and meeting spaces where your team can come together to work, connect and engage. These spaces are open for half day, full day or weekly bookings. Talk to us about your Hybrid Work requirements and we'll structure a plan that meets your needs.

The Benefits of Hybrid Working

  • Benefit from Work From Home (WFH) and Office environments
  • Build team culture and interpersonal connections better than full WFH environments
  • Reduce operating costs from paying and managing full tine office space
  • Increased productivity
  • Build high performing teams
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Great for employee mental health